Ice Facials - 4 Ways

September 3, 2016

One of my latest beauty obsessions has been ice facial. Theyve been around for a long time, and many women swear by them, as they should! There is something so refreshing and luxurious about them, especially when you take that extra special little step to customize your ice cubes. You then not only reap the original benefits of a classic ice facial, but in addition get to enjoy the wonderful qualities of whatever other ingredients you decided to add to create your own custom little drop of frozen ice cube heaven.

So, whats so great about an ice facial and why am I going on and on about them? Well

1.       They tighten your skin
2.      They close those pesky pores
3.      They can help shrink that un-timely zit you just happened to get!
4.       Theyre extremely quick to do
5.      They make for a great DIY project and can be easily customized

So there you have it. Five pretty great reasons for why ice facials are a new must for you. Have I convinced you yet? Well just in case that I have in this post, Im sharing FOUR different ways you can customize your ice facials and the benefits each one entails.

1. R O S E   P E T A L S
Roses have a tendency to add an instant dose of luxury to everything they touch, dont they? Well, in addition to their enchanting floral scent, they also have many wonderful benefits for the skin. Roses are a great source of antioxidants in addition to containing anti-inflammatory properties. Finally, they have incredible toning properties and adding rose petals to your facial will help instantly tighten and give a healthy glow to your skin.

2. C I T R U S
This one is a great morning facial to opt for if youre short on time but need to revitalize your skin quickly. Citrus such as oranges and grapefruits are jam packed with vitamin C. When applied to the skin, vitamin C helps to instantly brighten dull skin, tone and improve signs of fatigue. However, be sure to always wear sunscreen (although you should always wear it) after applying any citrus based product on your skin if youre heading out into the sun.

3. G R E E N  T E A    M I N T
Everyone knows that green tea is an excellent tea to drink for dietary purposes, but have you ever tried any sort of mint tea? If not, then I highly recommend you try it! Mint is very refreshing and cooling and whether youre applying it on the skin, or consuming it internally, youll notice that refreshing quality Im talking about instantly. Another great benefit of adding mint to your facial? Itll help treat acne. As for green tea, its very high in antioxidants and even contains caffeine (this helps with reducing any kind of puffiness or inflammation you may have on the skin). The cooling benefits of the mint mixed with the caffeine properties of the green tea, essentially make it for a great under eye treatment.

4. C O F F E E 
Last but most definitely not least, coffee. Caffeine is the star of the show with this one. Pour some freshly brewed coffee into your ice moulds and sprinkle on some coffee granules on top before freezing. What youll have with is an incredibly stimulating and exfoliating ice facial that will scrub away the dead skin cells from the surface, help stimulate blood circulation, brighten and energize your skin. In the end, youll be left with a beautiful glow that will have you smiling all day!

Thats it for the four custom options I have to share with you for today. Of course, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to customizing your ice facials and if you happen to create your own little gem formula, then please do share the pictures with me on social media by tagging me with #lookshyma. Id love to see your spin on them! Feel free to let me know in the comments below too if you have any specific combination in mind. Id love to hear from you!




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