Korean Face Mask Obsession

August 22, 2016

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Korean Sheet Masks - The Face Shop

In the last few years, korean skin care’s popularity has exploded across the globe. I remember initially being introduced to it via the infamous BB cream. However, I didn’t get sucked in until a few months back, when the impressive 10+ step skin care regimen of Korean women began to go viral. I started watching their skincare routine videos religiously, being fascinated by how luxurious and pampering it all seemed. While I still don’t have a routine as in depth as theirs, I do try certain aspects of it every now and then. One thing that I have been loving lately are sheet masks.

Sheet masks are great if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to elevate your skin care game and bring a little luxe into your life. They’re easy to use, mess free and feels incredible! You can go about your business while your skin is treated with the moisturizing essence from the mask and in the end you’ll be left with soft and dewy looking skin.

While I enjoy experimenting with different brands, my two favourite Korean brands lately have been Innisfree  and The Face Shop. There are several different types of sheet masks available, each catering to a different kind of skin care problem. I immediately purchased the innisfree lime sheet masks following a read on a blog post I came across where the girl had experimented with using said sheet mask four days in a row. The results? Her skin was absolutely glowing! Now I was at school, supposed to be studying for finals, when I came across the post, but the results seemed so impressive, I took out my credit card and ordered them off of Amazon right then and there (because, priorities). It was a great purchase, because whenever I’m in the mood for a quick pamper session I apply one and 15 minutes later I’m left with the most incredibly dewy skin. These sheet masks are laden with essence and definitely don’t disappoint!

Have any of you guys experimented Korean skincare products yet? If so, which ones? If there's anything specific that you use or any extra step you add to your skincare regimen for an extra pampering feel, I would love to hear about!




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